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Welcome to Primal Pooch!

I’m so glad you’re here because that means  you’re interested in feeding your dog real food (make that fresh, RAW food).

Whether you’re brand new to raw diets or are a veteran raw feeder, I hope you’ll find value in the resources on this blog.

Believe it or not, I wasn’t always a good dog mom…

Like most average dog owners, I did it all wrong. Bear was over vaccinated and overloaded with preventatives. He was exposed to many everyday chemicals and toxins but the worst part: He ate the cheapest kibble money could buy.

My dog was rich in love and affection, but poor in health.

And he joins millions of dogs around the world. Like most dog owners today, I didn’t know any better and I had no clue I was doing anything wrong. After Bear passed away, I vowed to do it right with my next dog.

When Ronnie came into our lives, we started him on a raw diet ASAP. While we saw immediate benefits, it was confusing at first. At the time, I struggled to find resources that answered all my questions.

That’s when Primal Pooch was born.

I set out to create something I wish existed when I was getting started.

That was:

A resource center with in-depth actionable information anyone can run with.

And what an adventure it’s been!

What better way to convince other dog owners to feed raw, than by giving them everything they need to make it happen.

Good luck on your mission to cut out processed pet food and embark on the raw diet journey

The DEFINITION of a Primal Pooch

primal pooch;

(prahy-muh l pooch), noun

  1. a dog that eats a raw, fresh, real-food diet

  2. a dog with a natural health care routine

  3. a dog that receives plenty of exercise & adventure

Here at Primal Pooch, we focus on the first piece of the puzzle: a raw diet. We teach the health-conscious dog owner how to feed a raw diet at home. And we point them in the direction of products, services, and tools that can help.

And we can help you get started too!

But what actually is a Canine Raw Diet?

It’s a diet of uncooked, raw foods. What’s more, it’s comprised of REAL FOOD, never processed pet food.

Raw feeding is based on the concept of ancestral nutrition. Your dog is a descendant of the WOLF. And as a domesticated wolf, raw diets attempt to mimic the foods wolves and other wild dogs eat in nature. But they’re suited for our modern world and for domestic dogs today.

Raw diets are species-appropriate. Meaning we’re feeding foods our dogs were meant to consume. Foods that are biologically appropriate for canine GENETICS, ANATOMY, and PHYSIOLOGY.

While raw food
diets can vary,
they are meat based,
and compromised of:

  1. Muscle meat (boneless)

  2. Edible bones

  3. Organs and offal

  4. Optional: Vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and/or dairy

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