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Purchase a copy (or download a digital version) of our popular book, Why You Need to Feed Your Dog a Raw Food Diet to uncover ALL the reasons why you should consider a fresh, raw-food diet for your dog. It’s a quick and easy read, yet packed with in-depth, comprehensive information you don’t want to miss. Available on Amazon.com and Amazon Kindle for under $10!

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Preparing a homemade raw diet can be overwhelming. Do you wonder if your dog’s diet is balanced or worry it could be missing important nutrients? Well, worry no more raw feeding friend! This is why I’ve created complete and balanced raw dog food recipes you can make at home. DIY your dog’s raw meals with confidence and finally, feel in control of their health.

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Raising a Primal Pooch is not something you just say you do, it’s a lifestyle you live each and every day. So, wear your support!

Our t-shirts make it easy to look good, promote raw diets for dogs, and inspire others to adopt a healthier lifestyle for their four-legged family members.

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