Whether you worry you’re missing essential nutrients in your dog’s homemade diet, struggle to balance DIY raw dog food on your own, or want to simplify the whole process, these easy raw dog food recipes are just what you’ve been waiting for. 

I know how intimidating it can be to start feeding raw. Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to feed your dog a healthier diet and feeling stuck. If you’re confused, uncertain if you’re doing it right, or afraid you’re getting it wrong – you’re in the right place.

I’ve heard from many dog owners about these struggles, and I’m here to help. That’s why I’ve formulated simple, complete-and-balanced raw dog food recipes made with nutrient-dense foods that are common and readily available, so you can implement a raw diet quickly and confidently.

These raw dog food recipes are for dog parents like you:
canine caregivers who want to feed a high-quality (and affordable) raw diet at home but need a little help.

These homemade raw dog food recipes take a lot of the work (and stress) out of making raw dog food, so you can feed your dog a healthier diet today.

Sometimes a single recipe doesn’t cut it. That’s  why I’ve created raw feeding recipe packs instead of offering single recipes.

I wanted to give you a single recipe with multiple variations, so you can use it in any situation with any dog.

I also set out to create a more user-friendly pack with less jargon and fewer technical terms  — a recipe pack that sounded like it came from your kitchen and not a research lab.

How These Raw Dog Food Recipe Packs Work:

           Boneless recipes contain no bone and are balanced with a bone alternative instead.

           Ground recipes contain bone but are designed to be run through a meat grinder. Both boneless and ground recipes are large-batch recipes. You make one batch, then divide it into the appropriate number of meals for your dog.

            Bone-In recipes are formulated and balanced with edible bones. They’re sold in 5 sizes: toy, small, medium, large, and extra-large breed. That’s because which edible bone you feed will depend on the size of your dog. These balanced “shell” recipes  can easily be adjusted for dogs that fall between the above mentioned sizes.

Recipe packs are sold in three different formats for all comfort and experience levels:




Bone-In Recipes



            This option contains all recipes: boneless, ground, and bone-in.

What’s Included in a Raw Dog Food Recipe Pack?

Recipe Variations

In your Primal Pooch recipe pack, you’ll get instant access to:

Each recipe pack contains recipe variations for adult dogs (called maintenance) and puppies (called growth). From there, you choose the raw diet format you’d like: either the boneless & ground recipe pack, whole bone recipe packs, or both!


Advice for buying meat, bone and organ along with specific product recommendations (including where to purchase) for supplements and other recipe ingredients.

Recipe Preparation Tips

Visuals and preparation tips for following recipes and getting optimal nutrition out of your ingredients.

How Much to Feed

Detailed instructions and charts on how much food to feed per day and how many servings to feed each day.


Answers to common questions, like how to transition to raw, when to switch puppies to adult recipes, and more.


No feeling stuck or getting lost in the process! I provide easy, step-by-step directions for making each recipe.

Shopping List

Easy-to-use shopping lists you can print and take to the store with you. No need to rewrite everything!

Meal Prep Checklist & Guide

Easy-to-follow checklist, plus pro tips to make meal prep more efficient and less time consuming. 

Freezer Inventory Sheet

Printable freezer inventory sheet to attach to your freezer to keep track of leftover ingredients, so you know what to buy for your next meal prep.

Nutritional Analysis

See appendix at the end of each recipe pack for complete nutrition information.

Explore the collection of raw dog food recipes below. Taking steps towards a healthier dog starts right here with these simple and nutritious homemade meals.

Choose Your Raw Dog Food Recipe Pack

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