Good for:

• New raw feeders

• Budget-conscious raw feeders

• Raw feeders with limited sourcing options

Chicken and Beef is the quintessential staple for new raw feeders and budget-conscious raw feeders alike. It’s relatively affordable, easily sourced, and a nutritious, yet practical option for your dog’s raw diet. This recipe pack utilizes cheaper cuts of chicken and beef and is balanced with easily sourced organ meats (heart and liver and spleen), canned fish, plants (including spinach, kale and parsley), select seeds, spices and supplements to create a balanced, nutrient-dense, raw diet for your dog.

Chicken & Beef Raw Dog Food Recipe Pack

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14 Recipes:

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Everything in the Boneless and Ground Recipe Pack

Plus, the Whole Bone Recipe Pack for each size breed:

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• Small
• Medium
• Large
• Extra-large

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Whole Bone Recipe (adult maintenance)

Whole Bone Recipe (puppy growth)



 2 Recipes:

Whole Bone Recipe Pack

Boneless recipe (adult maintenance)

Boneless recipe (puppy growth)

Ground recipe (adult maintenance)

Ground recipe (puppy growth)



 4 Recipes:

Boneless & Ground Recipe Pack