Once you’ve decided to make the transition to feeding raw dog food, you may be asking yourself:

“Now what?”

Where can you find meat in large and affordable quantities to feed your dog? Your excitement begins to dwindle as the “what if” internal dialogue begins…

  • “I don’t have time for this.”
  • “I can barely shop for myself”
  • “what if I can’t find meat that’s affordable?”

Raw feeding isn’t any more difficult than your weekly trips to the grocery store. It involves a bit of dedication and the establishment of new shopping habits at first.

Before you know it, you’ll be a  savvy shopper discovering new meat sourcing locations and drawing crowds as you mosey through the grocery store with more meat than bystanders can reasonably believe you’ll consume. You’ll be educating strangers on raw feeding and fielding questions like a pro.

But until then, let’s offer some actionable advice.

Take a look at the helpful list below for some ideas on where to shop for your furry friend.

 Traditional Pet Stores

Petco store

Most larger pet store franchises, like Petco and Petsmart, are beginning to carry commercial raw dog food brands or fresh cooked foods. Though, I’ve found that the smaller, locally owned pet stores are better choices for finding a larger variety of premade raw dog food.

If you feed commercial raw dog food, check with the local pet stores nearest you. If you’re pet store has a freezer section, there’s a good chance they stock it. Larger chain pet stores may carry raw pet food depending on the location as well.

Visit our local raw dog food map to find stores that carry premade raw dog food near you.

Regular Grocery Stores & Ethnic Grocers

meat in grocery store

Some grocery store chains have freezers in their pet food aisles and carry a limited amount of commercial raw pet food.

Aside from the pet aisles, grabbing regular human grade meat is a great option for your dog. However, depending on the number of dogs you own and their size, sourcing meat from your grocery store may not be a financially viable option. It’s also not the best option when looking for deals, savings, and buying meat in bulk. If you feed plant material, buying herbs, fruits and vegetables from your local grocer is usually a smart idea.

Another tip is to shop at ethnic grocery stores and food markets. Ethnic grocers tend to carry more organ and offal products along with exotic meats.


Photo Credit: Slow Food at Sebastian and Co

Photo Credit: Slow Food at Sebastian and Co

Your local butcher is an excellent place to obtain meat for your furry family members.

Butchers carry a wide variety of meats and are able to order specialty items. When it comes to saving on costs, most butchers can order meat in bulk which drives the price down. Moreover, there’s usually a few options when it comes to the quality of the meat you’re ordering, so finding something within your price range should be easy.

Bottom line: they’re flexible and can get their hands on just about anything if you ask.

Due to the popularity of raw diets, many butchers even carry raw meat scraps, recreational bones, and product offerings specifically for dogs. Butchers are a friendly bunch and let’s not forget, they’re essentially meat connoisseurs. They’re happy to help you with your meat needs!

In my experience, I’ve found sourcing meat at our local butcher to be a pleasant experience.

Not only do the employees love hearing how I feed my dog raw meat, but they’re eager to help. We’ve been invited into the back of the store where they’ve shown us the cuts of meats they had on hand and told us what they could order in bulk to bring the price down. Even better, they asked us to bring our dog by, making it a fun experience for everyone. Talk about customer service!

Check out our local raw dog food map to find butchers offering scraps, raw meaty bones (RMBs) and in-house raw dog food.

Big Box Discount Stores, Warehouse Clubs, & Wholesalers

sams club

Warehouse clubs are retails stores that sell a wide variety of merchandise that typically require customers to buy in large or wholesale quantities.

These clubs are attractive not only for bargain hunters, but for raw feeders! They’re able to keep prices low due to the basic format of the stores (you’re essentially shopping in a warehouse). Some may even require customers to pay annual membership fees to shop.  These stores are a great option when looking for deals on meat on buying meat in bulk.

  • Sam’s Club – Offers three levels of membership (Sam’s Plus, Sam’s Business, and Sam’s Savings) for individuals and businesses starting at $45 – $100 a year.
  • Costco Wholesale – Offers three levels of membership (Executive, Business, and Gold Star memberships)  for individuals and businesses starting at $55 –  $110 a year.
  • BJs Wholesale Club – Offers two levels of membership (Personal and BJ’s rewards memberships)  for individuals and businesses starting at $50 –  $100 a year.
  • Restaurant Depot – Restaurant Depot is a wholesale food service supplier. Membership is free but you must show a valid reseller’s permit (business license) or tax-exempt certificate (for a non profit organization) and proof that you’re authorized to purchase for that business or organization. If you don’t qualify, do you have any friends or family members that do? If so, go along with them on some shopping trips to stock up on meat.
  • Boxed – Think of boxed like a online warehouse. They offer the same bulk products but deliver them directly to your door. Depending on your location meat and/or produce may or may not be available through boxed. But it’s worth checking out.


cows on farm

Sourcing meat from  local farmers is another fantastic option.

Not only is it important to support local farms, but local meat is often fresher since it doesn’t have to travel as far to get to your dog’s belly.

Local farmers are a great choice when looking for higher quality meats like  grass fed, organic, free range, and certified human meats to name a few. Additionally, local farms usually have options for buying in bulk. I’ve seen many farms offer up a whole cow for purchase. They’re even a great source for organs and other raw offal for your dog (liver, heart, kidney, lungs, etc.). And they can be a fantastic option for local produce as well if you include plant material in your dog’s diet.

One last tip, it’s worth establishing a relationship with your local farmer because they’re more likely to offer deals or discounts for buying in bulk and taking less desirable products off their hands. The price is probably flexible with farmers as opposed to your local grocer, so there may be room for negotiations.

Farmers markets can be a great way to meet local farmers in your area and are worth checking out. While they may not have a large variety of meat on hand, these markets usually provide a great chance to meet farmers in your area and discuss your needs.

Check out some of the sites below to help you find local farmers or a farmers market nearest you.

  • Local Harvest –  Use this site to find farmers markets, family farms, and other sources of sustainable food near you.
  • Eat Wild – Has a great directory of U.S., Canadian and international farms and ranches that offer pasture raised and grass fed beef and diary products. Farms on Eat Wild assure that their animals and farm land are well treated and that their products are high in nutrition and free of antibiotics and added hormones.
  • Farmers Market.Com – A directory used to find farmers markets and local food sources.


Bob Gifford duck hunting

Photo Credit: Bob Gifford Duck Hunting

Are you a recreational hunter or do you know someone that is?

If so, you’ve hit the raw feeding jackpot. Talk about free (sometimes), high quality meat. Deer, duck, quail, rabbit and other wild animals are perfect foods for your kitchen carnivore. These animals eat a real, natural diet and will generally have a superior nutrient profile. Plus they’re be grain, antibiotic, and hormone free!

And you’ll be getting all of this for free.

If you don’t have the heart or stomach to kill and butcher your own meat (and I don’t blame you), maybe you have some friends that hunt. If so, ask if they’d be willing to share. Or, you could offer to spot them a few bucks to save some meat for you. The only caveat here is it’s illegal to sell game meat. Gray areas include gifting and bartering. So maybe you offer to clean your buddy’s garage in exchange for meat instead. Get creative!

Either way, it will most likely be cheaper than buying meat from a store.

Online Meat Suppliers (For People)

Photo Credit: Organicprairie.com

Photo Credit: Organicprairie.com

In this day and age you can buy just about anything online, including meat.

There are a ton of online meat suppliers that sell a variety of meat products where you can buy online and have them shipped to your doorstep.

This option will most likely be more costly than anything else on this list but it’s worth looking into regardless. You may find a great speciality store with decent prices and a better selection than your local grocery store.

Online Meat Suppliers for RAW FEEDERS

reel raw

Photo Credit: ReelRaw

Believe it or not, there are actually dog specific online meat suppliers.

They typically carry high quality and human grade meats catered to raw feeders and dog owners. Since these stores target raw feeders they often carry products most traditional, human-focused stores do not like chicken feet, green tripe, organs, and exotic and wild meats.

  • Raw Paws Pet Food – once a co-op, they expanded to a full service online store. Their entire inventory is sourced from USDA-inspected farms and they also provide a Raw Paws Monthly Service including raw food variety packs, pre-portioned meals, and servings guides.
  • Soul’y Raw – Purveyors of specialty, raw pet food located in San Marcos, California.
  • Raw Feeding Miami – RFM is a supplier that carries a vast variety of animal proteins and meat products for raw feeders. They’re dedicated to quality, reliability, sustainability and honesty.
  • ReelRaw – A company providing meat and bone products for dogs that are 100% USDA inspected/approved and fit for human consumption.
  • My Pet Carnivore – A family run company with approximately 70 products sourced from Midwest farmers with the highest ethics and standards
  • Hare Today Gone Tomorrow – A small farm run by a raw feeder.
  • Green Tripe – A supplier of green tripe and other raw feeding products all sourced from grass fed and certified organic animals
  • Simply Rawsome – Provides raw meat products all across the US and carries certified organic meats, human grade meats, and non human grade meats (Note: non human grade meats are an issue of debate among the raw feeding community. I suggest you conduct your own research and form your own conclusions before buying but it may be an alternative for the budget conscious raw feeder).
  • Maui Nui Venison – A company out of Hawaii that sells venison (the elusive Axis Deer) and goat. It’s available for raw pet food companies, raw pet food stores, co-ops, and individual customers. They ship second day Fedex anywhere in the US.

Not-For-Profit Raw Feeding Co-ops & Buying Groups

A cooperative (co-operative) or co-op for short is an association or group of people who cooperate for mutual benefit.

It’s no surprise that there are a number of raw feeding co-ops across the country where members are committed to optimal nutrition for their four legged companions. These groups are for individuals interested in participating in efforts to source the best meat products for their dogs taking quality and price into consideration. Raw feeding co-ops tend to network, source suppliers, pool purchasing power to buy in bulk at discount prices, and coordinate orders, deliveries and food pickups among members.

I highly recommend joining these groups to connect with other raw feeders, slash prices, and make meat sourcing and preparation a fun social activity.

United States

Northeast Region


New Jersey & Pennsylvania:

New York:

Midwest Region

Kentucky & Indiana:


New Mexico:


Southeast Region

Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C., & Virginia:

North and South Carolina & Georgia:



Southwest Region


West Region




Oregon & Washington:

If can’t find a co-op near you, consider looking for online forums, groups, and Facebook groups in your area (listed here). Once you’ve joined, ask members where they source their raw meat from. Raw feeders are a friendly bunch and will be happy to help!

Your Turn

Where do you source the meat for your dog’s raw diet?

Please share any of your favorite stores, co-ops, or other unique ideas that may be helpful for other raw feeders. I’d love to hear your input.




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Comments (47)

  • Kimberly Swenson

    Hi Amy great information!! I’m happy to see that there is a raw meat coop in San Antonio TX. By the way the PetCo’s in San Antonio, TX carries raw food in the freezer section. It is called “Instinct Raw” by Nature Variety. They carry chicken, duck and venison. It is 95% meat organs and bone 5% veggies/fruit and 0% grains. I decided to start dehydrating my own chicken livers for my dog and he loves them!! Also thank you for introducing me to the carnivore diet consultant. I have started the pet flora soil probiotic and it has helped him a lot!!

    Reply to Kimberly
    • Amy Marshall

      Hi Kimberly, thanks for letting me know. I’ll make sure to update the list. Glad to hear that Carole has been helpful and that your dog is doing great on his probiotic!! :)

      Reply to Amy
  • Carole Milligan

    Creston Valley Meats makes delivery runs to northern, central, and southern California. They have many drop off points where you can meet the truck and get your order. Their website is http://www.crestonvalleymeats.com.

    Also in California, here is a source for ordering unbleached green tripe: http://www.greentripe.com.

    Reply to Carole
  • carol

    Carnivore Carry Out has just started a sister co-op in Mid Tennessee. We will be servicing TN, Alabama, Mississippi & Kentucky. If you could kindly add us, that would be great. http://www.carnivorecarryouttenn.com

    Reply to carol
    • Joe Moore

      My name is Joe Moore and I would like some information on how to offer rabbits for your feed. Like yourself I’m just starting out so if u can help me help you I’m just about ready. Thank you for your time and look forward to hearing from you.

      Reply to Joe
  • Tre

    Hello I am a small business owner of a family owned Pet food and supplies store in Waldorf, Md. We’ve been feeding our English Bulldog Angus a raw diet for a couple months now and we love the benefits! I want to offer our store as a place to not only purchase raw diet brands but more importantly for new customers to get the information they need alongside blogs and websites like this.

    Reply to Tre
    • Amy Marshall

      Sure, feel free to send over the URL and I’ll take a look!

      Reply to Amy
      • Sue Granger

        Amy, great article. I have been buying ground mince beef, duck and turkey from Top Quality Raw Dog Food located in Hyattsville, MD. They deliver by truck up the East Coast to many locations. Milford, MA is nearest to me, a 45 min drive. Priced at $2.45 to $2.70 per pound for 1 pound chubbs, perfect for my two cocker spaniels. I would like to branch out to other kinds of meats and parts.

        Reply to Sue
  • Jessie

    There’s a place in Utah called “Purple Hounds Grub” :) Just ordered a case of Venison from them and I’m in CA! Would be a good addition to this list :)


    Reply to Jessie
  • SouthernAZRaw

    We just started a new co-op and would like to be added to your webpage for Arizona

    It is named SouthernAZRaw and our webpage is:

    Best Regards,
    [email protected]

    Reply to SouthernAZRaw
  • robert Rodriguez

    I am the Queens,NY distributor of raw dog food for cats, dogs, and carnivores.
    Please add me as a source for food,
    And contact me for any info
    [email protected]

    Reply to robert
  • BulldogErica

    Hi Amy, wondering if you could add a place on her? The Butcher Shop in Eagle Point, Oregon has bulk raw the sell for dogs. A GREAT place for humans and animals!!!!
    Thank you! Erica

    Reply to BulldogErica
  • Lisa

    Thank you! This has been very helpful.

    Reply to Lisa
  • Kris

    Hello, we would love to be added to your list. RawDelivery is a MN company offering a wide variety of raw food choices to fit every feeding style, delivered biweekly to 9 locations.

    We also have a great expanding line of Freeze Dried Treats we hope to offer nationwide soon.

    Our website is located at http://www.RawDeliveryMN.com

    Thank you,
    Rawfeeding made Simple, Convenient and Affordable

    Reply to Kris
  • Martyna

    Thank you for information, it was helpful. I was reading about raw food before, when I was searching for the puppy. Maybe you will find this article helpful too.

    Reply to Martyna
  • Shanley McNeil

    Hey! I am reading more and more about raw feeding and I would love to know more! I just have no idea where to even start. Id need to figure out about how much it will cost me to switch to this… but I am not sure even where the best place to get the food for them is (cost wise and quality) I also was wondering if you are supposed to switch them slowly from the dry food to the meat? My dog is 2 and has always had dry food, is it to late to switch her? Would switching her cause health issues? Also, how do you know which meats to buy? What variety they need or if variety is bad? It looks expensive, especially if you can’t bulk buy. I would love some help on where to start!!! Please and thank you :D

    Reply to Shanley
  • Steven

    Hi Amy,

    I buy my raw items from K9 RawFeeding. They are out of Miami but ship nationwide. They offer human grade meats and a wide range of items you wouldn’t find at a regular market. Their prices are very competitive.

    You can find them at: https://www.k9rf.com/

    Hope this helps,

    Reply to Steven
  • Stephanie

    Wiggles and Wagmore in Peoria IL – we are a Blue Ridge Beef distributor. Contact us for information at [email protected]

    Reply to Stephanie
  • Anika

    Thanks for the great information. Could you please add a section for Washington, DC? Our nation’s capital is not located in a state, yet we have more residents than Wyoming or Vermont. And since we are also a busy metropolis, I’m sure there are resources within DC without having to go over state lines to Maryland or Virginia. My mom and I are really looking for some good raw food alternatives for her dogs, and your advice was really helpful.

    Reply to Anika
  • GSD Len

    Excellent article and great information. I personally became very aware of what I am feeding myself, my family, and our 4 legged family members just a couple of years ago. During the discovery process I ended up becoming great friends with a local farmer. I now see all of his cows, which are grass fed, My German Shepherd now goes to the farm with us and hangs out on the farm, 15 feet away from the same food which will be on our plates after it goes off to the butcher.

    I had never heard of a raw feeding Co-op, and am off to check out some of these links. I am going to share this articles with some friends.

    Reply to GSD
  • will

    I purchase my raw from http://www.happeedawg.com. They have green tripe and lamb tripe unbleached. They offer free shipping to any location in California, for sure i know free to southern cali.

    Reply to will
  • Jessie Harrison

    I have two dogs one is a Bull dog and one is a Rottweiler. They go through their dog food like it’s water. What I’d like to try is giving them raw meat. I’m glad you shared some local stores that supply raw dog food. Are there certain meats that they should have?

    Reply to Jessie
  • Donna P.

    Hi Amy!

    I just found this site while looking for info on rrrRAWSOME!!! (I saw that they’ll be at the PetEx up in Saratoga on Sept. 10th) and was pleasantly surprised to find that both of you are local! Cool!! I’d never heard of a pet co-op before, so I’m looking forward to finding out more about it.

    Thanks for the great article!

    Reply to Donna
    • Amy Marshall

      Hi Donna, that’s awesome to hear you’re local! I definitely recommend rrrRawsome or any raw feeding co-op. It’s a great source of help, knowledge and savings :-) I can’t believe I went so many years without one!

      Reply to Amy
  • Amanda

    I have a small hobby farm in central Minnesota. We raise beef and pork, soon to add chickens. We converted our garage into a meat locker, to process our own meat. Currently we do not have a dog, and are looking for resorces to have an outlet for the “waste ” products. ….. ie the organs, bones and scrap meat. It seems like a waste to throw it all out, when I know there are animals that would benefit from them. Any leads would be wonderful. Thanks

    Reply to Amanda
    • Amy Marshall

      Hi Amanda, great idea! There are definitely people who would be interested in this. Shoot me an email via the contact page and I can help :)

      Reply to Amy

      Hi Amanda, I seen your posting on primalpooch.com and was wondering where you are located? I am thinking of going with a raw diet for my 2 Siamese cats and am looking for a place to get chicken livers/hearts. Wondering if you have them for sale? Thanks.

      Reply to KELLY
  • AJ

    Hello, what do you think of Darwin’s Raw Pet Food?

    Reply to AJ
  • Lacey


    My friend is butchering a cow. She said after her family takes the main cuts of meat, I could have whatever is left over. They want names of specific cuts I wanted. On my list I have heart, lung, kidney…is there anything else I could add? I also wanted some bones, but I am not sure they would cut them for me… What bones should I ask for? The butcher wanted specifics!


    Reply to Lacey
    • Amy Marshall

      Hi Lacey, lucky you! There are plenty of options. Pretty much any muscle meat and/or beef trimmings would work. Consider also heart, tongue, cheek, ears, gullet, trachea, etc. For organs, consider liver (an important one to grab if you can), lung, kidney, pancreas, spleen. Hope that helps!

      Reply to Amy
  • Rachael St Louis

    I run a co-op in southern ma!

    Reply to Rachael
  • Arlene Parker

    Would like to find a good raw meat supplier-belong to Costco and could/will inquire there. Have two dogs and a cat-live in Denver, CO. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

    Reply to Arlene
  • Donna

    Hello, I need a supplier in the Gulf Region of Louisiana. I have checked the shipping costs from some of the sources listed and the added expense is not feasible as it ranges from $80+ to $100+.

    Reply to Donna
    • Amy Marshall

      If you haven’t already I suggest checking out our raw dog food directory. Check back frequently if you don’t find what you’re looking for now, as I’m always updating and adjusting it. Iff all else fails, use the raw feeding resources page to find a raw feeding Facebook or Online group in your area and then ask other members where they source their food. Networking is really your best best for finding the good deals!

      Reply to Amy
  • Pam

    Please do not recommend CarnivoreCarryoutTenn. When I spoke with the lady, she was impatient, rude, and then told me to “f…” off. This is no way to treat another human. That group needs to get someone with better people skills to answer the phone number that is listed. I won’t spend my money there or recommend them to my dozens of raw feeding friends!

    Reply to Pam
  • Susanne Shaw

    I live in Shreveport, Louisiana and there seems to be NOTHING here. If anyone stumble upon my comment and you know of any sources close by I would love to know about them. Thanks!

    Reply to Susanne
    • Amy Marshall

      Hi Susanne! I know it can be tough but it’s likely there are other raw feeders out there (and in your area), we just need to find them :) Networking is probably your best option for finding sources. I fed raw for 5 years before I found out there was a co-op 10 minutes from my house! I suggest joining Facebook groups and Yahoo groups and start asking members where they get their food. Here is one that covers MO, KS, IL, IA, and AK. I know you’re LA but this could be helpful since you’re near the AK border. Here’s one more that’s for people in the Southern, east part of the country. I’d also join Raw Feeding University (I believe the Admin is from LA) and here is a LA specific raw feeding group

      Reply to Amy
  • Laura

    Any raw food co-ops in Southern Ontario? I’m slowly transitioning my dog to raw diet.

    Reply to Laura
  • Logan

    Very informative read. I’m hoping to find a co op in southern Maine to make it financially possible to feed my dog raw. One thing I would like to add, many of the local police departments (up this way anyway) have a list you can add your name to and that they will call through if they have a deer that was hit by a car. And if you are reliable and take the deer often they typically will move your name up the list. This obviously requires more work and possibly some butchering skills, but would be great free meat. And still much cheaper than meat from the store even if you paid to have it butchered.

    Reply to Logan
    • Amy Marshall

      Glad you enjoyed it Logan :-) Absolutely, what a great idea – thanks for sharing!

      Reply to Amy

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