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Primal Pooch is a modern and forward-thinking lifestyle blog for the health-conscious dog owner.

It’s packed with information, tips, and actionable advice for adopting a primal-inspired lifestyle with your dog. One that focuses on:

  • Raw diets for dogs
  • Ancestral, species-appropriate nutrition
  • Natural healthcare
  • Exercise and adventure
About the Founder

Hi, I’m Amy and welcome to Primal Pooch!

Being a health, nutrition and fitness enthusiast, I envisioned caring for my dog with the same core principles that dictate my own life.

This includes eating real food, ditching processed convenience foods, following an ancestral diet, and making time for exercise, activity and adventure.

After realizing the lack of information available in these areas, I aspired to create something that I wish existed for the health and fitness-conscious dog owner.

That’s when Primal Pooch was born.

It’s a place to share information about living an active, natural, and primal-inspired lifestyle with your dog. And my goal is to teach YOU how to adopt a similar approach at home.

Primal Pooch is also a vehicle for inspiration. It’s where I can feature the people and their dogs living this exciting and inspiring lifestyle.

I’d love nothing more than to share YOUR stories and feature Primal Pooches all over the world loving life, living naturally, and taking on new adventures.


I’m on a mission to bring optimal health and wellness back to the dogs we share our lives with.

Westernized society hasn’t always been good to our four-legged counterparts. Sedentary lifestyles, processed pet foods, and the diseases of civilization are just a few things we’ve passed on to our domesticated friends.

Let’s face it, dogs weren’t meant to eat junk food or stay cooped up in our homes all day and neither were we. Let’s change that.


Primal Pooch is so much more than an online publication. It’s a community of health conscious, physically active, outdoorsy, and other like-minded dog owners who support a natural, active, and primal approach to caring for dogs in the modern world.

We’re a generation of people who have decided to take pet health into our own hands. We want to help that movement grow through:

  • Lifestyle ideas and inspiration
  • Education and information
  • Encouragement and support

Think of us adventurers, health-nuts and fitness enthusiasts who want to spread the good word about better caring for our dogs.

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Together, we can provide a more natural, healthful, and active lifestyle for our dogs.

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