Bone Content Calculator

If you’re like most raw feeders, you struggle to figure out how many bones to feed your dog to achieve the ideal “bone content” in their diet.

Why is this important?

Feeding the right amount of bone balances the two most important (and abundant) minerals in your dog’s body: calcium and phosphorus. It also ensures stool integrity (too little causes loose stools, too much causes constipation).

While it’s relatively easy to calculate bone content once you get the hang of things, it can be SUPER confusing at first. 

Plus, not everyone wants to do mealtime math for their dog (and I don’t blame you).

That’s why I created this insanely intuitive bone content calculator. Using average bone percentages for a variety of raw meaty bone (RMBs), it’s easy to calculate how many edible bones to feed (and which kinds) to reach an ideal bone content in your dog’s diet.

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Calculate the bone content within your dog's raw meals. Simply:

1.  enter the total weight of the meal.
2. choose the type of raw meaty bone you're feeding
3. enter its weight. 

To add more than one raw meaty bone, click the plus sign

When finished, click calculate.

Pro Tip: If you want control, click custom to add your own bone percentage and weight.