You asked, I listened!

I get TONS of emails from dog owners everyday asking me where to buy raw dog food. Or, what brands & products I recommend. I know you’re busy, which is why I wanted to develop something that provides a snapshot of all the options. Something that makes the search process easier and less time-consuming.

The good news:

Raw dog food products are everywhere, and the market is only growing. 
But they’re not always easy to find… Raw dog food companies tend to have limited marketing budgets. At least, compared to the big players in the pet food industry. These smaller, independently operated businesses tend to fly under the radar.

Well, not anymore.

After countless hours of research and many cups of coffee, the raw dog food directory was launched. And it’s expanding every day! Discover raw dog food brands, meat and bone suppliers, and co-ops available in your neck of the woods.

Click your country below to start exploring.

A raw dog food directory with you in mind