Do you have trouble finding raw dog food suppliers?

It turns out you're not alone. This is a frequent question my readers ask. In fact, I hear it almost daily, so it was time I curated a list of US-based raw dog food suppliers. Below, you'll find the best options for raw dog food brands and raw meat suppliers in the United States.

Go ahead, and look at the endless options available to you. And remember to check back frequently. I'm adding new options regularly!

I know you're busy, so I did the homework by creating this list to help you search.

From here, you must research to find the right brand for your dog. I can't have complete knowledge about individual raw dog food businesses across multiple continents. That responsibility falls on your shoulders as a dog owner (and pet parent).

So, this is where I hand the reins over to you.

Don't worry; I believe in your ability to vet the following companies per your needs! If you have any questions, contact the brands directly for more information.


The following raw dog food brands deliver nationwide, that’s right – to every state in the US. Woo!



Offers complete and balanced meals (formulated to AAFCO standards)

BARF style (includes vegetables)

Purchase directly through Darwin's home delivery program (online or over the phone), ships directly to your door. Custom side orders available.

Offers three separate frozen raw dog food lines. 1) A premium line using free-range meats and organic vegetables. 2) A value line using conventional meats and vegetables for budget-conscious feeders. 3) A line formulated to support specific health issues (kidney, liver. cancer, joint & musculoskeletal support).

Their packaging is the most convenient (and least messy) for portioning different amounts for your dog. They come in 2-lb packs, perforated into 4 separate half-pound packages with an easy peel-open tab.

Because their food is direct to the consumer, Darwin's can track which food (specifically the lot numbers you purchase). That way, if there were a recall, they would know if you received the products in question and can contact you directly. You may not be informed if you purchased affected items when you buy from a store. 

what Makes Them Stand Out

Soul'y Raw

Sells blends (meat, bone & organ mixes), boneless meats, edible bone, chews and single protein treats (air-dried/dehydrated).

Prey Model style (no plant material)

Purchase online directly through website, ships directly to your door. 

A family owned and operated business, Soul'y Raw Pet Food is a commercial kitchen established in 2009 in San Marcos, CA. In 2020, they opened a second kitchen in Chandler, AZ.  Products are hand made to order with care and dedication to quality.

A brand with one of the most robust varieties of novel proteins offered.  

Committed to quality, they use grass-fed and finished, free range, USDA-certified organic, non-GMO, and hormone and antibiotic-free ingredients. This includes wild-caught ocean fish. Products do not use HPP or contain grains, preservatives, chemicals, GMOs, fillers, or powdered supplements. They also choose not to use commercial equipment to keep their raw food as close to its naturally occurring state as possible. 

what Makes Them Stand Out

The brands listed below deliver within the continental United States only, covering 49 states, including Alaska (AK) but excluding Hawaii (HI).

Continental US

These raw dog food brands are offered within the contiguous United Sates only, spanning 48 states, excluding both Alaska (AK) and Hawaii (HI).

Contiguous US


Offers complete and balanced meals (formulated to AAFCO standards)

BARF style (includes vegetables)

Purchase directly through their website, ships directly to your door.  "One-off’ orders available or opt for an auto-ship subscription purchase. 

Their product is made with wild venison, an ancestral prey animal for wild candids and highly nutritious. As a hypoallergenic novel protein, venison is a great choice for all dogs, even those with food sensitivities or allergies.  All recipes are grain free, palm oil free and crafted without GMOs, added hormones or antibiotics making it not only species appropriate but clean-eating for your dog.

Made from sustainably sourced wild deer that are thoughtfully harvested from New Zealand and crafted in small batches, where deer are an introduced pest that damage native flora. Packaged in recyclable packaging for a sustainable and environmentally friendly dog food making their products not only good for your dog, but good for the local environment as well.

Thoughtfully and conveniently packaged. Their product is flash-frozen in cube-shaped portions, which stack efficiently and are easy to separate and thaw for your dog. Plus, specially-designed freezer-friendly bags have a low-profile form that take up less freezer space.

what Makes Them Stand Out

Use discount code "PRIMAL10" for 10% off your first purchase of their frozen raw dog food through their website.

Below, find raw dog food brands with regional availability. If you don’t see your region listed, check back as these pages are updated regularly. 


Below, find state-specific raw dog food brands. If you don’t see your state listed, check back frequently as these pages are updated regularly. 

State Based


North Carolina


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