Do you struggle to find raw dog food suppliers in the UK?

Trust me, you’re not the only one.

My readers ask this question on almost a daily basis. In fact, where to buy raw dog food in the UK (or in any country) is one of the most popular questions on Period.

That’s why I decided to tackle this head-on, country by country.

Luckily, the UK is renowned for treating their dogs well. So, it’s no surprise a growing demand to feed raw exists in the United Kingdom.

And guess what?

There are SO many existing and emerging raw dog food companies filling in this gap.

Below, you’ll find a detailed list of UK-based raw meat and raw dog food suppliers. Discover the best raw dog food brands the UK has to offer. Plus, learn which brands offer:

  • Prey Model or BARF style diets
  • Frozen, freeze-dried, or dehydrated products
  • Raw meat or edible bone
  • Custom Meals
  • Local or online sale options
  • Raw dog food delivery

Get ready to be wowed by all the options in the UK. And remember to check back often as new options are added.

*NOTE: Brands names shown in bold with descriptions are companies I’ve spoke with and personally vetted. Brands (without bold names or descriptions) are companies I’m aware of, but haven’t gotten a chance to speak with just yet.

Throughout the The Entire UK:

  • Nature’s Menu
  • Paleo Ridge
  • Nurturing by Nature
  • Raw Dog Food Company
  • Vince the Vet Superfood
  • Nutriment
  • They Love It
  • SmartBarf
  • Natural Instinct
  • ProDog – ProDog Raw is a raw dog food online delivery service offering an innovative menu for a natural (BARF) raw dog food diet. They provide frozen raw dog food (available as complete and balanced or supplemental diets), dehydrated treats, plus organic and all-natural supplements. All of their recipes have been expertly formulated, are vet approved and DEFRA approved using Red Tractor certified meat (British ingredients only). ProDog Raw works alongside the Raw Feeding Veterinary Society and offers Eco-friendly packaging and national UK, next day delivery. Buy direct online or from their hundreds of hubs in the North and South.


  • Bell and Duke Pet Foods  – B&D Pet Foods has one mission: “To get as many dogs off processed food and onto a species-specific diet as possible.” Bella and Duke makes nutritious, BARF-style frozen raw food tailored to your pet’s needs. Food is delivered direct to your door on an automatic cycle based on the weight and activity level of your pet. That way, you never run out of quality food again. Buy direct from their website.
  • TPMS
  • Landywoods
  • Albion Meat Products
  • Naturaw
  • Basil’s
  • Manifold Valley Meats
  • Kiezebrink
  • Honey’s Real Dog Food – Honey’s Real Dog Food makes a wide range of complete foods. It uses certified organic, wild and free range meat and (as it were) high welfare vegetables – all British, all fresh. Honey’s is happy to help with nutritional and health advice – including DIY recipes – even if you never plan to become a customer. If you decide to order they will design a recipe for your dog and monitor progress every month. Honey’s complies with all the international nutritional guidelines and their diet for adult dogs meets AAFCO standards. The Honey’s founders have both written feeding guides, which are available free. The company ships its food frozen all over the UK. There is a half price, new customer offer.


  • See Albion Met Products above
  • See Basil’s above


Northern Ireland:

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