Do you wonder where you can find raw dog food suppliers?

You’re not alone, my friend.

This is the most popular question I’m asked almost daily. So I figured it was time I curated a list of raw dog food brands in the great country of Canada.

Below you’ll find the best raw dog food distributors and suppliers in CA. But that’s not all. Because Canada is so huge… I’ve organized it by province for your convenience. Discover frozen and prepackaged raw dog food brands. Plus, raw meat suppliers in your neck of the woods.

What’s more, company descriptions outline which brands offer:

  • Prey Model or BARF style diets
  • Frozen, freeze-dried, or dehydrated products
  • Custom meals
  • Local or online purchase options
  • Raw dog food delivery

This Canadian raw dog food supplier guide has it all (and it’s expanding every day). Where to buy raw dog food just got easier, eh?

How Brands are Chosen for this List

My ultimate goal is to list all the possible options you have. From here, you must do your own research to find the right brand for you.

With that said, here’s how brands are displayed on this page…

Featured brands have photos and descriptions. These are Primal Pooch vetted. Meaning, I have been in touch with someone from the company, received written confirmation they only use human-grade ingredients, and/or verified the information listed is accurate. That’s why I feel comfortable listing them as a featured brand.

Businesses in bulleted lists are additional options. Many are reader suggestions or brands I’ve heard of before. The only difference is that I have not yet had contact with this brand (or I’ve been unable to reestablish contact). This is not to be misconstrued with lower quality, they may be fantastic options. But without speaking with someone from the company (at the very least), I can’t confirm quality or accurate information. As such, they should not be considered recommendations from me personally but viewed as options for you to explore further.


nationwide raw dog food suppliers canada

hounds on raw

Hounds on Raw – Hounds on Raw carefully crafts their recipes to ensure optimal health. Their passion for fresh, quality meats has allowed them to develop healthy relationships with local Ontario Farmers. From farm-to-bowl, all ingredients are natural, pasture-raised, and free of any hormones or antibiotics. The offer a variety of Prey Model options from frozen, pre-packaged raw ground mixes (meat, organ, bone) to raw meaty bones and treats. Hounds on Raw operates in the Greater Toronto Area but ships across all of Canada. Buy direct from their website.

tuckers raw frozen dog food

Tucker’s Raw Frozen & Treats – Tucker’s is a home-spun family business started in the summer of 2009 and operates under one simple premise: dogs deserve nothing but the best that nutrition has to offer. They offer BARF-style, complete and balanced frozen raw dog food formulas (meets AAFCO standards) that are 95% Meat, Bone and Organ, with 5% fiber. Plus, treats, chews, and recreational bones are also available. What’s more, they provide a dehydrated, complete and balanced meal for dogs (called Carnibar) in an easy to serve format made for dog on the go. Available from brick-and-mortar pet retailers in all provinces.

Bold Canine – Bold Canine offers two lines of raw dog food, Bold Raw and Mega dog. Both are made in their 10,000 square foot production facility in Erin, Ontario and shipped in refrigerated transport across Canada. Today, Bold Raw and Mega Dog is the only brand of raw pet food available coast-to-coast. You can find them in over 700 stores across the country — from Victoria, B.C. to St. Johns, and Newfoundland. Their products are made from human grade ingredients and are hormone and antibiotic free. They also offer complete and balanced blends (meeting NRC guidelines) as well as pure formulas.

By Province

raw dog food suppliers by province canadaAlberta:

the healthy hound premium dog food


The Healthy Hound – The Healthy Hound offers frozen raw dog food and cooked meals. Their real meals and cooked dinners are formulated using vet recommended meat, bone and vegetable ratios (75% protein, of which 8-10% is organ, heart, and liver) and 25% plants. The Healthy Hound offers the highest quality of meats, fish, and vegetables. Poultry and red meat recipes focus on whole bird and primal cuts instead of cheaper cuts like leg and back bones or trim meat. Buy direct and get it delivered to your door. Order by phone (see website). Shipping also available to BC and Alberta.

British Colombia:

3P Naturals premium pet products


3PNaturals – Provides frozen raw pet food products backed by competent and dedicated customer service. They carry Prey Model-style meals, organs and raw meaty bones, plus a variety of packaging options (single sample sizes and bulk orders).  13 Protein options including exotics like camel, elk, venison, goat, and kangaroo. Custom nutrition planning is also available. Purchase through participating brick-and-mortar retails stores in the lower mainland of British Colombia with some availability in Vancouver Island and Alberta as well.

the healthy hound premium dog food


See The Healthy Hound description above.


Longevity Raw – Provides healthy, affordable, and convenient frozen raw dog food products. Locally-made for the last 20 years, Longevity Raw was created by a canine dietician and formulated specifically for German Shepherds who inherently have a weak G.I. tract. Years later, this product has proved to be a favorite among all breeds and sizes. Their BARF-style meal blends are complete diets formulated for all life stages. It’s available in the Lower Mainland, British Columbia.


New Brunswick:


Newfoundland and Labrador:


Northwest Territories:


Nova Scotia:





big country raw dog food

Big Country Raw – Big Country Raw believes raw, natural foods are key to optimal health for your pet. Their extensive menu selection ranges from dinners with meat, bone, organ, and fruit and vegetables (BARF) to pure formulas and blends (Prey Model). They also carry cooked diets, raw meaty bones, dehydrated treats, and supplements. Their products are made fresh every week, and packed in eco-friendly vacuum sealed packs to reduce packaging, save space in your freezer, and keep product fresh. And they offer FREE shipping on all orders over $150.00. Available in Ontario and Quebec. Choose to buy direct from their website or from local, brick-and-mortar pet retailers.

morrison brothers raw dog food

Morrison Brothers Raw Food – a small, family-owned business dedicated to providing raw and natural food products for your dog. They offer Prey Model style, frozen meals (based on the 80-10-10 standards). They also carry raw meat products (boneless meat and edible bone) plus veggie cubes and treats. All meat and produce comes from facilities inspected and approved by the Ontario government and are human-grade. Purchase direct from their physical location in Belleville, Ontario. Free delivery is also available in Belleville, Trenton, and Brighton Ontario. They charge $10 for delivery to Kingston Ontario.

raw pet food ontario


Raw Pet Food Ontario – Raw Pet Food Ontario is committed to helping you feed the food your dog was designed to eat. They offer all-natural, frozen raw dog food, dehydrated treats, and holistic whole food supplements.  The product line up also includes whole edible meaty bones, local Quail Eggs and Raw Fermented Goat milk. Focused on locally-sourced food, all ingredients are human grade, grown and raised in Canada, and are made in an Ontario Human Grade Inspected/audited facility ensuring safety and transparency. Treats and supplements are shipped throughout Canada. Raw, frozen meals are currently available in Ontario. Purchase direct through their website with the option for home delivery or FREE pickup in specified locations.  Check out the Breeder bulk discounts and loyalty programs offered.

back 2 raw dog food


Back2Raw – At Back2Raw, the mission is simple. Better each dog’s health mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically. Back2Raw offers fresh, frozen raw dog food meals (9 protein options), plus edible bones. Meals (BARF style) meet NRC and AAFCO standards and are offered in both patties and value packs. Back2Raw 2 also carries “Bare Bone” tubs (Prey Model style), which can be further customized to your liking. Available in Ontario, Canada. Buy online and choose home delivery or purchase directly in retail stores.

Prince Edward Island:




formulae rawFormule Raw – Formule Raw specializes in quality meals, helping owners provide a natural and complete meal for their furry friends, without the fuss. Their team of canine nutrition specialists offer both BARF and prey-model recipes, which are biologically appropriate, balanced meals for all ages and breeds. Formule Raw’s diet consists of natural, locally sourced ingredients. They are one of the only companies in Canada to produce a freeze-dried raw meal, ideal for travelling! They also offer an extensive list of bones, necks and natural supplements.


See Big Country Raw above.







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