Do you have trouble finding raw dog food suppliers in Australia?

If so, you’re far from alone.

In fact, you join thousands of other dog owners. I know because I’m asked this question on what seems like a daily basis from readers in every country.

But Australians have a tougher time than most.


Australia is sparsely populated for it’s size.

So it’s no surprise, this is something many of my Australian readers struggle with.

Especially dog owners living away from the coasts or outside major cities. And if you’re in the Outback, finding raw dog food may seem next to impossible…

That’s why I was determined to create something that can benefit the Aussie raw feeders out there.

Whether you’re looking for prepackaged raw dog food or supplies for a homemade raw diet – this guide has it all. Find Australian raw dog food suppliers and distributors listed by nationwide or statewide availability.

Read the bulleted descriptions to learn which companies offer:

  • Prey Model or BARF diets
  • Frozen, freeze-dried, or dehydrated products
  • Custom meals
  • Local or online purchase options
  • Raw dog food delivery
  • And more

Discover the best raw dog food the Land Down Under has to offer.

How Brands are Chosen for this List

My ultimate goal is to list all the possible options you have. From here, you must do your own research to find the right brand for you.

With that said, here’s how brands are displayed on this page…

Featured brands have photos and descriptions. These are Primal Pooch vetted. Meaning, I have been in touch with someone from the company, received written confirmation they only use human-grade ingredients, and/or verified the information listed is accurate. That’s why I feel comfortable listing them as a featured brand.

Businesses in bulleted lists are additional options. Many are reader suggestions or brands I’ve heard of before. The only difference is that I have not yet had contact with this brand (or I’ve been unable to reestablish contact). This is not to be misconstrued with lower quality, they may be fantastic options. But without speaking with someone from the company (at the very least), I can’t confirm quality or accurate information. As such, they should not be considered recommendations from me personally but viewed as options for you to explore further.


Below, you’ll find brands with nationwide product offerings. You should be able to find them within every state in Australia.

raw dog food suppliers in australia

big dog pet foods australiaBig Dog Pet Foods– Formulated to offer essential, balanced nutrition based on the evolutionary diet of dogs and cats. Big Dog Pet Foods offers frozen raw meals (BARF style), supplements and both frozen and freeze-dried treats. Their frozen diets are available in 8 different proteins, including 2 single protein diets as well as 2 more formulas for dogs with sensitive skin and other health issues. Made with human-grade Australian ingredients, unaltered by temperature and free from fillers, chemicals and preservatives. Purchase in brick-and-mortar pet food stores nationwide.


See below for brands by state. Navigate to the state you reside to discover brands offered in your area.

Australian raw dog food suppliers by state

New South Wales:

The Right Start Pet Food AustraliaThe Right Start Pet Food – Australian made and operated pet food company. Their mission is to create ready made raw, complete and balanced meals for all pets big and small. They offer frozen raw meals (BARF style), raw meaty bones and vitamin supplements. Made with human-grade, Australian ingredients using free range or wild proteins whenever possible with no nothing artificial (no preservatives, additives, colours, flavours, chemicals, sugar, salt). Purchase online with delivery to the Sydney Metro area

raw-k9-australiaRaw K-9 – An online, raw dog food and treats specialist based in Sydney, Australia. They offer frozen prepackaged raw meals (Prey Model style), raw meaty bones and treats. Made with wholesome, (non-minced) human grade ingredients. Customised meal plans can be created by request to accommodate dogs with sensitivities or allergies. Purchase direct through website (via automatic meal subscription) delivered to your door.


Fysi australiaFysi Pet nutrition that is kind to our environment, ethical towards the farmed animals and a business that gives back to our planet. They offer frozen raw dog food meals (BARF style) and naturally shed deer antlers. Made with organic, free-range and preservative free ingredients. Purchase online direct from their website.

South Australia:






Western Australia:


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