Supplements can be a raw feeder’s best friend and in some cases, a literal lifesaver.

Essential for dogs suffering from specific illnesses, conditions or chronic ailments, supplements can provide a healthy dose of nutrients necessary for healing.

I’ll let you in on a little secret though.

Supplements are even more powerful when used as a preventative approach.

The right supplements can deliver superior nutrient support, keep the immune system strong and ward off illness and disease keeping the odds stacked in your dog’s favor.

As an enormous fan of supplements, I’m always eager to sing their praises. Though before you write me off as another pill pusher or supplement junky, hear me out.

Perhaps the biggest advantage in feeding a natural, real food diet today is what we have access to. While it’s difficult if not impossible to duplicate what nature can provide, there’s so much at our fingertips making it relatively simple for dog owners to go above and beyond for their dogs nutritionally.

Today I’m going to share two fantastic vitamin and mineral supplements I’ve been using with my dog.

Enter Dr. Peter Dobias

Peter Dobias supplements

Peter Dobias is a licensed doctor of veterinary medicine hailing from Canada. With more than 20 years of conventional and holistic veterinary medicine under his belt, he’s super passionate about natural healing and dogs living a healthy lifestyle.

Dr Peter Dobias

Here’s what I consider to be his brand’s major selling points:

  1. He provides products and supplements for dogs sourced only from human-quality ingredients.
  2. Products are made in the US or Canada and they do NOT import any ingredients from China
  3. Products are all natural and many are certified organic

Bonus Points:

  1. He sells general supplements and supplements geared towards specific conditions
  2. He provides worldwide online holistic veterinary consultations.

Multivitamin Supplement

Peter Dobias soul food supplement

Soul Food is a USDA certified organic multivitamin supplement for dogs of all ages. These vitamins are naturally cultured and fermented meaning the body recognizes it as real food. It’s also easily absorbed and metabolized versus conventional vitamins that are synthesized from ingredients such as crude oil and coal. It’s even gentle on digestion and does not cause stomach upset.

Made from: parsley, alfalfa, dandelion root and leaf, turmeric, basic, asparagus, and organic apple cider vinegar powder.

Curious about plants in a raw diet? Read more here.

Mineral Supplement

Peter Dobias green min supplement

Green Min is an all-natural mineral supplement for dogs of all ages. It specifically targets dietary deficiencies and offers gentle detoxing. Green min will support and improve: energy, stamina, mobility, joint health, coat health, cell, gland, and organ function, digestion, nutrient absorption, hydration, and much more.

Made from dried, raw, whole-food ingredients: Alga Calcarea and Spirulina. Alga Calcarea is a seaweed superfood full of more than 20 essential minerals and bountiful phytonutrients. Spirulina is the most nutritionally balanced species of blue green algae, full of chlorophyll, omega oils, essential amino acids, beta-carotene and other nourishing phytonutrients.

Tips for Best Use

tips for using peter dobias supplements

Dr Dobias recommends using Soul Food and Green Min together for best results. Let me tell you, using the supplements is a breeze. The back of the glass jars are clearly labeled, making it easy to see how much to include based on body weight. Since Ronnie is a big fella, I added 1 ½ teaspoons of the Soul Food and 1 teaspoon of the Green Min to his meals each day.

peter dobias supplement label

Upon opening both jars, I was pleasantly surprised and excited by the scent. I’ll be honest; I’ve tried some supplements in the past that dispersed quite the nauseating odor so it was refreshing to use something that didn’t trigger my gag reflex upon opening the jar each day.

pouring peter dobias supplements

After pouring in the recommended amount, I would jump right in and mix everything up by hand. This certainly isn’t necessary, though it’s a little trick I use to keep the kitchen clean. If you leave finely ground supplements or powders sitting on top of dog food, they may fly out of the bowl and lightly dust the surrounding area when your dog so eagerly and haphazardly shoves his face into his food bowl.

meat with peter dobias supplements on top

After mixing in the supplements, Ronnie’s dinner has a nice blue-green tint to it. From there I added any other ingredients planned for his dinner that evening. In this case it also included a few raw meaty rib bones, some liver, and a sprig of parsley for garnish – why not make raw feeding look good, right?

raw diet meal with peter dobias supplements

Before serving dinner, I gathered all my tried-and-true food disguises in the likely event Ronnie wasn’t interested in the turquoise additions in his food. He has a reputation for turning his nose up at any healthy, green ingredients and I was prepared. What happened next was surprising. He happily and hastily devoured his food.

dog eating raw

Dr Dobias vitamin and mineral supplements are not only good for him but he can’t get enough! Overall, I’d say I was more than pleased with these product and would definitely recommend them for pet parents looking for a vitamin and mineral boost in their dog’s diet. Not only are they packaged nicely and easy to use but they’re stink-free, nutritious and my dog loves them. What more could you ask for?

What about everyone else out there, have you tried Green Min, Soul Food or any of Dr. Dobias’ other products? I’d love for you to share your experiences in the comments area.

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Comments (19)

  • Marilee

    I have been using these products and Darwin’s raw diet but am having trouble getting my dog Louie to eat anything that I have put the GreenMin in. He smells it and them leaves it.
    Any suggestions on getting the dog to not smell and leave his meal. He likes the Soul Food from Dr. Dubois no problem adding it to his food.
    Also, what bones do you use for your dog?

    Reply to Marilee
    • Amy Marshall

      Thanks for commenting Marilee! Take a look at my troubleshooting post on this subject. I would try either some tough love by taking away food (with the supplements) if he refuses. Try again later or the next day, chances are he’s just being picky and will learn to eat what you put out. Or you can try some simple disguises by adding some high value items in with his food to make it more appealing. After doing this for a few days he should get used to the supplements and eat them without issue. Email me about bones and I’d be happy to help!

      Reply to Amy
  • Kimberly Gauthier

    My name is Kimberly and I write a blog where I document my journey as a raw feeder. I also have a FB raw feeding group, which is where I heard about this product.

    One thing that confuses me is why our dogs need supplements; plus there are so many out there that I don’t know what to give to our dogs.

    We have 4 dogs. 2 are eating a combination of Darwin’s Pets and food from our co-op. The other 2 eat food from the co-op. I’m also adding: raw eggs, salmon oil, Pollock oil, camelina oil, coconut oil, kelp (to co-op meals), a joint supplement mix that I created (Wag, green lipped mussel, calcium, alfalfa), and a prebiotic/enzyme blend. Not all of those are daily, but you get the idea.

    Will the supplements in this post replace anything that I’m already giving to our dogs OR will they add more of a boost?


    Reply to Kimberly
    • Amy Marshall

      Hi Kimberly, thanks so much for commenting! I agree, supplements can be confusing and it’s hard for dog owners to distinguish if they need them or not. Most pet owners supplement their dog’s food with one thing or another, like fish oil, coconut oil, or a joint supplement, much like you do.

      I think the general idea behind supplements (human or canine) is to make up for any gaps in our food supply. For example, CAFO meats are inferior to grass fed meats. Because of soil depletion, crops grown 10+ years ago were much richer in vitamins and minerals than the crops we find today, and so forth.

      Feeding a raw diet without purchasing commercial supplements is certainly possible and many experienced raw feeders do so every day. I think commercial supplements boil down to convenience. There are so many people interested in ditching kibble and processed foods and feeding raw diets. Though not everyone dives in with the same knowledge base, budget, or even time commitment. I’ve noticed through reader questions that many people just want advice and suggestions on what to buy, where to buy it and good brands regarding complete raw diets or raw diet supplementation.

      I also agree that there are sooo many different brands. I make supplement decisions by looking at the company or person behind the product, the quality of the ingredients, taking into account recommendations from other raw feeders, and just try to learn as much as I can about the brand before purchasing. As far as what you feed, sounds like you’re covering everything really well. These supplements are great for the time-restricted raw feeder or the new raw feeder who worries their dog isn’t getting the full spectrum of nutrients. That’s not to say you can’t use them either, I’m sure they’d add a boost to an already stellar diet.. Feel free to email me and we can go over things in more depth and see if there’s anything missing but it sounds really good!

      Reply to Amy
  • Tracie

    What are your thoughts on Dr. Karen Becker’s raw fed diets??? I have her book. Just would like another opinion. I just started feeding raw and one of my dogs is losing his hair. I want to make sure there isn’t a mineral deficiency???? Or is he just detoxing???? Thanks for your input. Tracie

    Reply to Tracie
  • Olivia

    Question, I read on this website that dogs have no need for vegetables. These supplements are made from vegetables/herbs… I’m confused :/

    Reply to Olivia
  • Natali

    Hi can you buy Green Min etc in the UK shipping is very costly.

    I think my labrador has joint pain as his back legs shake when he stands.

    Thank you

    Reply to Natali
  • Philippa Jordan

    I have just started using Green Min and Soul Food on my 3 mini wire dachshunds. They have always been raw fed a variety of proteins, but something was missing. Since starting on these about a month ago I have noticed a big improvement in coat quality, skin and in one case, a bad ear. For me and my dogs they work well.

    Reply to Philippa
  • Shanley McNeil

    I have a few big questions about this feeding. I want so bad to go 100% natural with my dog because I believe in 100% natural for myself! I was about to get some taste of the wild dog food before seeing a link to an article you had about why raw feeding is so much better than dry food and all the facts about it. I would LOVE to learn more I just have some big concerns.

    1. How does the dog not get gross raw meat everywhere/make anyone sick? If your dog eats raw meat, then walks around the house with that in their mouth and licks things/you… how does that not corrupt YOUR health? Cause raw meat may be good for them but not us, right? How do you keep everything clean? Like clean their bowl after every meal? Brush their teeth after every meal?
    (and this one for me is a given, but you get grass fed, non antibiotic/hormones, and gross stuff out of your meat, right? How does that not cost you a fortune?!)

    2. Does this kind of feeding make them go even more crazy for small wild animals? If they know what raw fresh yummy meat tastes like, won’t my dog go nuts anytime she sees little raw meat running around? She is my service dog and is trained pretty well to leave animals alone and not want them.. (When she is with me anyways, birds are her favorite to eat when I’m not around! And it always concerns me – I don’t know where that bird has been! haha) It doesn’t change their behavior at all, right?…

    3. Is variety good for them? How do you know what meats to give them? Do you give them just meats or more than that? Would it still benefit them if you cooked the meat?… Because I live with someone who isn’t natural and I don’t know how raw meat being around like that (around their kids too) would go down with them… especially because they believe in all the junk thats added to meat… they think i am the unhealthy one for being 100% natural and that I’m silly for not trusting in modern medicine and doctors.. :b

    4. Do you gave to cut up the meats and all every meal or can you have a bag all prepped up for the week? And how do you know how much meat they need?!

    I would REALLY appreciate some feedback! I want to do whats best best best for my dog and this may be it.. its just new to me. But so was paleo and holistic living before I started! ;) We all gotta start somewhere. Understanding it makes it less weird/scary haha I’ll do some more research, but you seem to know a lot about it and may be able to give me a few answers faster :) Thanks!

    Reply to Shanley
  • Hillori Graham

    Do you have a recipe for the raw food diet? And, a good raw food company?

    Reply to Hillori
    • Amy Marshall

      I don’t provide recipes on the blog yet but they’re in the works for the future! As far as prepackaged raw dog food, visit this comprehensive list of great brands: Raw Dog Food Brands. It’s filterable so you can find exactly what you’re looking for :-)

      Reply to Amy
  • Wendy

    My 8 year old dog has a condition where his immune system is overactive. He infects himself.
    The only way he seems to get better is with Predesone. I know it is no good for him, but it helps.

    Have you ever seen this before? Any suggestions?

    Reply to Wendy
  • Jan Gordon

    Hello! My Collie has just been diagnosed with KCS and need to boost his immune system…a lot! Other than buying your great supplements what advice, suggestions holistically do you have? I did take him to an opthalmologist. He is a 6 yr old neutered rescue collie. Thanks for any suggestions. I use sterile water and raw honey to moisten eyes. And of course the compounded eye drops from opthalmologist. Thanks! Jan and Danny boy.

    Reply to Jan
  • Chris R Bennett


    I was wondering if you know where to send a food sample to so I can have a true analysis done to make sure the raw food I am getting from a supplier is good. Our dogs love it but I want to make sure that they are covered as far as phosphorous, calcium and what ever else.

    Please let me know.


    Chris R. Bennett

    Reply to Chris
    • Amy Marshall

      Hey Chris! I saw you sent this inquiry in email too, I replied last night. Check it out if you haven’t gotten a chance yet :)

      Reply to Amy

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