How Much Food Should I Feed My Dog on a Raw Diet?

I bet you’re eager to begin feeding a raw dog food diet. But you feel stuck. What remains unclear is how much raw food you’re supposed to feed. Up until this point, you’ve heard varied [...]

How To Transition Your Dog to A Raw Diet

Are you eager to switch your dog to raw? Let me guess, you were… But somewhere along the research process, the wind was blown right out of your sails. You heard (or read) several different [...]

Helpful Advice If Your Dog Ate TOO Much Bone

Let me guess, you're here for one of two reasons? Scenario 1: Your dog ate too much bone and you're looking for help adjusting their raw diet. Scenario 2:

The Great Debate: Do Dogs Need Fruits and Vegetables?

Are you sick of conflicting information about plants in a raw diet? Me too. Nothing is more confusing to raw feeders than the debate over fruits and vegetables in a dog’s diet. The raw feeding [...]

Raw Diets for Dogs Explained: Prey Model vs BARF

I hear you’re interested in learning more about raw diets for dogs. Go ahead; pat yourself on the back. Seriously. Not all pet owners are as enlightened as you.  Many lack an open mind or the [...]

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